Pre-construction and Estimating Services

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Pre-construction and Estimating

The foundation of any construction site is just as vital as the final result. In erecting a superior building, the pre-construction preparations and estimations must be appropriately laid out.

If the plans are carefully identified and outlined, it will give everyone involved in the construction project a better understanding of the goals, the requirements and their roles. Outlining the phase of pre-construction carefully also enables the resolution of any challenges or issues before it comes up and cost the owner so much more time, money, effort and resources.

Suffice to say, pre-construction is a critical phase in the building project. At Heydorff Construction Services, we make sure that we start on the right foot with our clients.

We get involved from the very beginning and provide our clients with cost-saving suggestions and valuable engineering, which may be utilized for the project. We review the plans and study any inaccuracies. We evaluate the materials and identify alternative solutions where needed.

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