Consulting Work / Owner’s Representation

Why Should You Choose Heydorff Construction Services, Inc.?

Consulting Work / Owner’s Representation

Construction projects entail many risks. There are business, financial, legal and technical standards to follow that might be too complex for those without industry knowledge.

There’s also a learning curve to the process for most owners, who don’t have the know-how but have the ideas, vision, and budget for what they want to build. Therefore, finding a partner to help translate these ideas and eliminate the risks can be a practical solution.  If you’re investing time, money and resources for this project, you’ll need the right representation.

Heydorff can be your eyes and ears on the construction project. As the owner’s representative, we can ensure that what you want for your site – whether it’s a house or a business establishment – will be executed well.

We’ll be engaged at the beginning of the project and work with you to identify the objectives with its corresponding budget. We’ll set up realistic goals and schedules to provide a bigger picture of what may be needed for this project to succeed.

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We’ll help assemble the best team to deliver your goals. We’ll take care of the daily communication, coordination, and management of these teams. Our years of experience and familiarity with the construction industry can provide you peace of mind that the final result of construction goes as you have envisioned.