ADA Modifications in Los Angeles, CA

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ADA Modifications Los Angeles

Handicap-accessible facilities require meticulous and specialized construction techniques. The designs and modifications should strictly adhere to the requirements stipulated in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Under the said law, establishments must make its structure safe and comfortable for people with disabilities or mobility impairment. The sites must have ramps, rails, lifts, and ample maneuvering space, among other special needs provisions.

Heydorff Construction Services can provide these solutions to make your business compliant. We have years of experience in redesigning and reconstructing a home or a public facility to be more functional and accessible.

We are proud to have worked with clients requiring extensive ADA modifications rollouts. However, we can also complete single-room modifications and other specialized constructions that will enable people with disability to live independently.

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Our team has the knowledge and training to build these accessibility requirements using the finest materials. Our goal is to help you enhance the functionality of your home or establishment without sacrificing its value and aesthetics.