Mike Heydorff

Michael Heydorff comes from a long line of construction contractors. While he became a licensed contractor in 1987, and Incorporated Heydorff Construction in 2014, Heydorff’s roots in construction go much deeper. In order understand the depth and richness of the Heydorff story, you have to start at the very beginning.

Mike began work as a General Contractor in 1985. In his 30+ years in the construction industry, he’s lead some of the biggest projects for leaders in Commercial Construction, specializing in Institutional Construction.

  • Pankow Construction
  • Kemp Brothers Construction
  • Architectural Woodworking Co.
  • Southern California Presbyterian Homes (Now known as “be.group”)

A clear track record of success working for others lead Mike to found Heydorff Construction Services in early 2014. Mike’s group provides General Consulting Services, Owner’s Representation as well as General Contracting Services throughout Southern California and neighboring regions.

Mike Heydorff
The Heydorff name represents three generations of quality service and consulting.

Mission Statement

Through integrity and honesty,

  • We will lead the way in our industry
  • We will create the highest standard of excellence
  • We will do the right thing

Through experience and reputation,

  • We will listen and be solution oriented
  • We will be flexible, versatile and innovative
  • We will always be considerate of our clients’ needs

Today’s clients are tomorrow’s references

  • We will build quality, lasting relationships
  • We will earn our clients’ trust and confidence
  • We will exceed their expectations

Why Heydorff Construction Is Your Best Choice

Heydorff Construction’s owner and operator, Michael Heydorff is a 3rd-generation builder. He is one of the few executives that still knows how to build. Heydorff grew up the industry. He’s gotten his hands dirty. He’s done concrete, framing, finish carpentry, and everything in between. He has extensive experience in all phases of the commercial construction process. And he puts that experience and know-how to work for you.

There are a lot of suspicious and malicious actors in the construction industry. Luckily for you, you’re looking at Michael Heydorff, who is not just someone who got their license and hired subcontractors. When you work with Heydorff, you’re going to get exceptional results, professional customer service, and industry insight that can only come from 3 generations of builders.

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First and foremost, we are builders. Heydorff Construction Services provides all of the knowledge and services necessary to deliver every project on time and on budget.
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